Thursday, 29 December 2011

Why is there an energy crisis in the world?

During the next term we are going to look at energy, nuclear power and saving energy. To start you off take a look at this blog

Also take a look at this website to start thinking about whether nuclear power is safe. There are also lots of links to use here and lots of different questions and debates can be found here

You can look at debate around renewable energy:
A fantastic website to visit is Fossil fuels for kids

Sunday, 18 September 2011

What was life like in 1913?

To help you in your research...

  • Go here for someone's yahoo answer
  • A look at World War One will give you a good understanding of the topic. Go here
  • Causes and outline of WWI is here
  • A look at Britain in the early 20th Century is here
  • A look at the 1910's (the whole decade) is here
  • Click here for a look at the 1910's as reseached by Wikipedia
  • Map of Europe in 1910 is here and here. What has changed?
  • Family life in Canada in 1910 is here
  • 1914 - 1918 in Britain. Life in Britains - look out for what has changed to learn what it was like in 1913
  • Life before WW1 is here and extra reading on America in this time is here
  • Causes of WW1 (do not click unless you have headphones!) is here
Trying searching 'life before the great war' or 'life before WW1'

Good luck researching!

War Horse

Your chance to see the fantastic War Horse in production in London!

Read the book, study in Humanities, English, Art, Music and Performing Arts.

Get ready to produce some brilliant work for your parents to see on Parents Evening (17th - 20th October)